PaletteI am a largely self-taught artist living in New York City, by way of Boston. Surrounded by a family of artists, I started painting and drawing at an early age. Made art consistently throughout my childhood and into my early 20s. When I developed a life-threatening allergy at the age of 14, art became an important outlet for me to work through living with my illness.  The works displayed on this site are a reflection of my return to creative work since early 2013. It is my pleasure to share them with you.

Why I Paint

I paint because life is short and beautiful. I learned this the hard way through my struggle with a life threatening illness as a teenager. It would strike suddenly and often at night. On the many trips to the hospital I would stare into the ambulance ceiling’s white lights in excruciating pain, convinced I was going to die. That this was the last thing I would ever see. In the days that followed these attacks, the world seemed brighter. Colors were bolder. A sense of infinite wonder and beauty bubbled beneath the everyday as I prepared for the possibility that there would be no tomorrow. I came to realize that ephemerality is what gives life much of its beauty, and makes life so precious.

Through my work, I wrestle with impermanence and seek to continuously uncover the brilliant world that hides behind the mundane. My  art reflects my internal world, a connection to some unshakeable thing much greater than myself and my own time-limited life. It is my joy and my sorrow. A meditation on life and my gratitude for another day of living. Art is the language I use to speak about the infinite wonder and fleeting beauty of life that lies just beneath the surface of the everyday.